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Once you are a member, list your upcoming trips on the app so that Shippers who wants to take benefits of your available baggage allowance can contact you.

You decide on your prices. No hidden fees !

You, as a Carrier, decide how much you want to earn. Collect as many orders as you have free baggage allowance left !

Secure payment ! Validated by QR code scan !

Safe and secure, you get paid when you deliver the stuff of the Shippers with PayPal transfer on your account.

Do what you want with the money you've earned !

From now on, your trips will cost you less…or spend it during your stay !

Be a Shipper !

Are you looking for someone going to the destination where you would like to send your belongings?

Create an account and search through the list of all available travelers who can share their baggage allowance !

Get in touch with your desired travelers and share your requests !

You can exchange with the traveler via our integrated chat, share your photos, negotiate the best price, ...

Hand delivery of your belongings anywhere in the world !

The traveler will hand-deliver your belongings to the person of your choice upon arrival !

Secure payment by QR Code scan !

Payment only if the delivery has been done! Payment by PayPal transfer.

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Share this revolutionary application with your friends now! The success of this application depends on the number of users: the more travellers there are, the more shipping opportunities there will be !

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